Professional Electrical Services in Florence, South Carolina

Electricity that is both reliable and functions well is key to a safe, productive home. We always want your home to be at your best. This is our main goal here at our service center. In order to ensure that you never experience power outage, our professionals are always at hand every minute of the day all through the week. Our team of professionals will provide you everything you need from start to finish, ensuring all aspects are covered.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Homeowners rely on all of the outlets and switches in their home to be in proper working order. You may not realize how dangerous faulty outlets and switches can be or the amount of electricity they can discharge. We strongly recommend that you have our team of licensed electricians perform a comprehensive safety inspection of your home or place of business.

As time goes by, plugs and circuit breakers connections can become loose with use, causing likely perils. If you feel that a switch or a plug is hot or warm, then you already have an issue on your hands. Another tell-tale sign of danger is discoloration of your switches or plugs. If you spot this, be sure to call our licensed electricians immediately.

Electrical Panel Installation

Obsolete electrical arrangements are the norm in excessive amount of aged households. Perchance your panel retains the use of fuses, bring your reading to a halt and book a panel upgrade estimate.immediately. Panels that are 25 years old and over need to be replaced and upgraded, call now to schedule an estimate.

Today’s households are far greater consumers of electricity than ever before. High-power appliances, huge televisions, and large utilities found in homes all require more power than older systems can provide safely. Unfortunately, most people don’t replace their electrical panel until there is an issue.

Indicators that you need an upgraded panel:

  • Need higher Amp incoming Service
  • Use of high-load electrical equipment
  • Additional 220v circuit
  • Addition of a hot tub or a sauna
  • New construction or new appliances
  • Use of multiple extension cords
  • Scorching or discoloration of electrical panel
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from the electrical panel
  • Lights or bulbs flickering
  • Circuit surge
  • Tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Existing non-grounded outlets and wiring
  • The recent addition of a sub-panel
  • Required accommodation for a home generator

The first step we take is sending our team of trained electricians to review your power use with your panel. They will be able to determine if you need a new panel based on the power you use. Once he’s done that, he’ll outline your options for upgrade. Like all of our other services, we won’t start work until we have your approval for our estimate.

Lighting Repair Services

Standard home insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by surges from power surges or lighting strikes. This is why you should determine if you’re properly protected from them. Over the 10-year period ending in 2013, the average cost per claim rose 122% to $5,869, according to the National Fire Protection Association. It makes good financial sense to have our team of professionals come out to your home and install protection against power and lightning surges.

Contact Our Team

If you need inspection, schedule it with our team of licensed electricians. To help you optimize your home’s electrical services to provide for proper surge protection, comprehensive recommendation options will be provided. You should be able to spare a few moments to schedule an inspection by our team. Bear in mind, that it takes only a second or two for a power surge to do some costly damage.